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Licensing and compliance support so you can focus on giving your clients the advice they deserve.

How we can support you as a licensee

New Horizons aims to provide Advisers and Corporate Advisers a premium Gold Standard Service to enable greater efficiencies, allowing greater time growing the business, its revenue and seeing clients. Together with lowering costs and time costs spent doing all the administrative duties now required of advisers, through using New Horizon’s the adviser will ensure they are meeting client expectations, receiving greater referrals and spending more time growing business.

The New Horizon Portal gives advisors unrivalled efficiency when dealing with their advisory business. We provide a strong, sustainable licensee business to support our advisors, their business’ and their client’s from now and into the future. 

The portal is a smart, simple and seamless all-in-one platform for client management, notifications, scenario planning, advice tool, approved product lists, commission statements, compliance and business planning. Everything can be accessed with a single sign-on, and can be personalised to suit your preference to maximise productivity. 

With market-leading functionality we have designed our portal to be intuitive and encourage productivity to create a user experience unlike anything on the market. 

The New Horizon’s portal is our commitment to put your needs as an advice practice front and centre, streamlining the way you do business.

What does access get you?

As a New Horizon Licensee/Corporate Licensee you will have access to:

Full End to End software support including:

  • Personalised login to your own complete CRM ready to use and live.
  • The ability to track commission payments live via your own CRM.
  • A wide approved product list set within the software to ensure the adviser remains compliant.
  • Software and a live updated plan writing wizard, working with the CRM to assist in completing; Fact Finds online to reduce work load and double entry, Statements of Advice with full updated and completed wording for quick easy and compliant SOA’s, or ROA’s, without undue paraplanning/compliance costs. 
  • Live Software Review documents to produce easy to use action items for a productive review meeting,  producingfurther advice requirements where required, greater ability to retain clients and receive referrals.
  • Automated FSG tracking and FSG Templates together with automated  mail out file note tracking.
  • Automated Opt-in Templates and agreement tracking.
  • Automated File Notes with templated wording so you ensure face to face meetings and discussions on the phone become automatically tracked.
  • Easy to use CRM with templates loaded for advertising campaigns.
  • Monthly newsletters tailored by you, emailed to your clients.
  • Personalised CRM home page; including automated to do lists generated by CRM, calendar tracking of client meetings,FDS tracking, opt in tracking, automated file notes of meetings and live news feeds to home page.
  • CPD point registration within the CRM.
  • Easy to use CRM process for auditors to easily audit off site and easy to use automated check lists with each client to make sure client files are always up to date.

At call software assistance.

Access to the Licensee’s network of referral/service providers.

Login to the licensee website to access:

  1. Approved Product List
  2. Strategy wording
  3. Complaint process
  4. Frequently asked questions

A week long onboarding process so when you start using New Horizons the adviser has everything they need and can start/continue meeting clients immediately.

Key person of contact within New Horizon’s for any queries and assistance including in office assistance.

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